September 10, 2010 Trustee Emeritus Meeting

Past Trustees

We recognize and thank these individuals who have served on the Board of Trustees at various times since the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation was created in 1971. Their dedication, commitment, and love for the Tri-Cities has played a significant role in the Foundation's continued growth and success.

Moira Allen E.V.Erickson Donna Meeusen David Seibold
Don Anderson Mary Jane Evink Donnell Snite Mersereau Lynne Sherwood
Leonard Anderson Kenneth Formsma John Montgomery Marion Sherwood
Gary Baas Nancy R. Hanenburg Darell Moreland Miller Sherwood
Jeff Beswick Kenneth Harestad George Pardee Penny Sherwood
Paul Boyink Bud Hoffman Ted Parker Reuben Sturkol
Richard Briegel George Jackoboice Edward Post Robert Swart
Melinda Brink Mary Jacobson Shirley Poulton Kenneth Terpstra
John Carlyle Dorothy Johnson John Randall Paul Trap
Carol Cousineau Holly Johnson Aileen Redeker Doris Van Dam
William Creason Martin Johnson Thomas Reinsma William Van Slooten
Edward Dahlstrom Susan Jonas Gerald Retzlaff Gary Verplank
James Doss Jim MacLachlan Chuck Rycenga, Jr. L.J. "Midge" Verplank
Dennis Dornbush Peter Manting James Sawyer Michael Volkema
Mary Eagin Mike McKeough Ida Mae Schaafsma Ronald Whitehouse
Marcia Witherell

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