Grantmaking Priorities

The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation will consider grants that seek to enhance the quality of life and promote a healthy, inclusive, collaborative, and diverse Tri-Cities community. 


Arts & Culture

Priority will be given to projects that: 

    • Bring national and regional arts and cultural opportunities and experiences to the community and area schools. 

    • Bring arts and cultural experiences to under served populations. 

    • Support capacity building and collaboration of local arts and cultural organizations. 

Economic & Community Betterment

Priority will be given to projects that: 

    • Support and encourage cooperation among municipalities, especially in the areas of recreation, transportation, and consolidated planning. 

    • Support capital, beautification, and revitalization projects in the downtown areas for the City of Grand Haven, Village of Spring Lake, and City of Ferrysburg. We believe that vital and energetic downtowns are important to all residents of the Tri-Cities. 


Priority will be given to projects that:

    • Ensure that students have the necessary academic, social, and emotional resources to reach their full potential. 

    • Address the barriers preventing students, particularly low-income and/or first generation students, from pursuing post-secondary opportunities. 

    • Support access to and participation in quality preschool programs for all 3 and 4 year old children, especially those at risk, so all students enter school "ready to learn".


Priority will be given to projects that:

    • Address water quality issues such as non-source pollutants, near shore health, sustainability of wetlands. Of special concern are the following: Lake Michigan, the Grand River Watershed, Spring Lake, and local creeks and streams. 

    • Focus on the preservation of natural green space and "smart land use" planning, coordinated multi-government initiatives, local and regional projects. 

    • Address environmental sustainability such as alternative energy and recycling projects. 

Health & Human Services

Priority will be given to projects that:

    • Address critical needs for vulnerable populations. Of particular interest are issues such as basic needs, affordable housing, transportation, poverty and unemployment, access to health care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. 

    • Aim to assist families in achieving long-term sustainability. 

    • Promote healthy lifestyles for youth, adults, and older adults. 

    • Promote healthy relationships for youth, adults, and families. 

    • Support capacity building and collaboration of local organizations. 



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