The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Team

The Grand Haven Area Community Foundation is made up of a team of dedicated individuals who are committed to our mission of overall community betterment. No matter what you’re here for, the Community Foundation team is here for you.

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Chris Riker

Vice President of Advancement & Donor Services

Patty MacDonald

Director of Finance & Administration

Holly Cole

Director of Grants and Program

Lauren Grevel

Grants & Program Officer

Kim McLaughlin

Director of Tri-Cities College Access Network & Education Initiatives Officer

Melanie Swiftney

Director of Marketing & Communications

Kari Fuller

Director, Coopersville Area Community Foundation

Rebecca Nash

Administrative Assistant

In 1971, twelve visionary community leaders each gave $100 to launch the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation. Their dream was to create a permanent community endowment––one that would be built over time by gifts and bequests from individuals, families and organizations. Now, almost 50 years later, that dream is still being realized.

Today, it is our continuing mission to provide funding to programs that support every corner of the Tri-Cities area, and make life in our community better for all. Our priorities are threefold: to help our donors realize their philanthropic goals; to better our community with grants for meaningful, necessary projects; to collaborate with other regional partners to create overall community good and expand our philanthropic reach.

Board of Trustees

The Governing Board of the Grand Haven Area Community Foundation is made up of local leaders from diverse backgrounds. Our trustees provide invaluable guidance and vision for all areas of our work. These individuals donate their time, energy, and expertise to help us identify opportunities for long-term community impact, respond swiftly and appropriately when unforeseen challenges arise, and address our community’s ever-changing social, cultural, educational, and greatest needs.

Tammy Bailey

Buy Right Packaging Supply

Randy Hansen

Vice Chair
Centennial Securities Company

Chad Bush

US Retail, Inc.

Nelson Jacobson

JSJ Corporation

Mark Kleist

Scholten Fant

Sandy Huber

Retired Educator

Anil Mandala

V Solutions Global

Monica Verplank

Education Consultant

Kim Zevalkink

Retired Educator

Barb VanHeest

Chase Bank

Mark Pereira

Brilliance Publishing/Amazon

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Facebook Mini-Grant Winners

Last month we announced that we were giving away three $500 mini-grants on Facebook, and 2400 likes later, we have the winners! While there were fewer entrants this time around, the online participation was higher than in the previous two rounds, with several photos getting over 500 likes.

To Endow or Not to Endow, That is the Question

When you give a gift to the GHACF, your gift is invested. The principal gift is never spent — only the investment earnings are used to care for your community. Over time, your gift continues to grow, generating an increasing stream of funding that can support your charitable interest areas. Your gift to the GHACF becomes a permanent source of funding and can create your legacy for giving.

GHACF Ranks Among Top Community Foundations in the Nation

The GHACF has once again been ranked among the top community foundations in the nation, according to the 2016 CF Insights survey. The survey compiled data from participating community foundations across the nation and acts as “the annual census of the community foundation field.”